The weather changes, moves should also be changed

  this season as soon as the fog weather in Guangzhou moving company this season is often foggy weather, low visibility in foggy weather, our moving company in Guangzhou each day driving, heavy fog weather impact on us is still very large. Foggy weather has an effect on moving in the city, but not drive focus, speed slowly, still no problems.

foggy weather for our moving company in Shenzhen is still short of the most moving, foggy weather close at high speed, short-distance or run. Just like the past two days, there are always foggy, receiving the short go. I was one of the most in-depth because of the heavy fog weather, closed at high speed, we moved to Shenzhen, all traffic for two days.

so we get moving company in Shenzhen initiatives, foggy days best not to move. Moving company driver friend, should also pay attention to regional weather conditions, well rounded and ready. Move visibility in foggy, drivers driving to focus on peace, concern about local weather and traffic conditions, emergency preparation. If high-speed roads, bypass prepared in advance. Fog driving turn off the fog lights, driving to focus on keeping a sufficient safe distance between vehicles, not too tight and not to overtake, and lines and avoid speeding. If inventing the rear vehicles parked on the right, is not conscious of bypass, honking from low speed to bypass on the left at the right time. When foggy weather hard when not driving, parked in the emergency parking Strip, close the risk warning lights, officers transferred to safe areas, avoid being behind by car.

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