Date selection is important when moving

  moving time has got to pick the date, traffic jam is every city will encounter problems, there is no exception, move, the company suffered in Shenzhen. Now Shenzhen's vehicle has been added through major saturated, particularly morning and evening peak traffic scene more, our moving company in Shenzhen lorries often stuck in traffic.

in order for the morning and evening peak traffic flow, 7:50 to 8:30, 17:50 to 19 points, moving companies wagons agricultural Road South of Shenzhen, not road to the West, navigation road, North of East of tongbai road, contains the four roads blocked to traffic. Morning and evening peak restrictions despite us mentougou moving company has brought great convenience, for dredging in Shenzhen, however, for the benefit of the ants, we can understand. We advocated that the public move to try to avoid the morning and evening peak, a lot of time we're moving company delay is as a result of traffic jam.

Shenzhen traffic jam is very important, especially in busy locations, small series of live culture near the road, Wenhua road are the most easily jam Central Shenzhen, Wen Hua Lu, it is difficult to get a taxi, and the chances of winning the lottery to get a taxi equally. In order to avoid the morning and evening peaks, we moving company in Shenzhen are dominated, dominated first bus before 7:30 to the customer's home, installed more than nine points, had peaked, sufficient time, improved effectiveness. Because traffic laws, we limit the time cannot be moved, if caught by the police, to fines and penalty points. Many customers do not understand, for our moving companies in Zhongguancun said that three to four, lying not earn some money doing a job, was caught by traffic police pay, making money is very important, but traffic rules or to follow, honest operation, propriety law is our duty.

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