Moving sometimes also very worried,

  Yao Weida as moving a tired and battered. Spot prices cannot agree, about moving the company in the morning of 5th, failing to stop, in the end, Yao Weida helpless spend 1 time price to hire moving companies in Guangzhou phone call. Yao Weida with level 1 of the 66 physical disability, paying the Government the low Golden career, lived in Tangxia, Tianhe district, low-rent houses, last July, lived in the city under the control of the Office, he got the big pond House in Hongshan district a, 5/f, the company's key.

pain family prepare national moving. Yao Weida told someone, "it's already about mass moving company, handling fee of 600 Yuan, the door in the morning", 5 o'clock in the morning to start things moving outside the home. Moving company 9:30 A.M. to happen, but "Porter just 8 wood furniture car said no, then hire a car". Yao Weida then call the moving company, questioned about the hire, the other party responded by saying too much holiday business is not empty. But in this case, a Porter on Yao Weida said, they are empty, as long as an extra 480 Yuan on the line. Yao Weida declined the offer, "because of the increased train and don't have the receipt, I find it hard to request reimbursement of expenses to the Government." Hearing this, Porter quickly removed the furniture, give them back the Red Yao Weida Yao Weida before driving away.

at three o'clock in the afternoon yesterday, someone came under Tang Yao Weida West Street home on the first floor of the House when still see large pile of debris on the road. "Really hard, the moving company twist Tester! "Yao Weida has found another moving company in Guangzhou, reached 1500 two-car fee, first car to row away luggage," second car Porter too much left things too complex, don't want to ". The scene, and Porter argue Yao Weida family, neighbors watched. Deadlock after half an hour, moving companies to start the goods onto a second car, "the elderly together good time, today was really angry! "Yao Weida complained.

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