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  with currently living of constantly improve, existing cities range has been expansion, Shenzhen moved company phone Xiang village population few Chung to to West, for representative of line, and second-tier city, makes these city of population far beyond its can inclusive of limits, plus medical, and taught, and traffic and housing, series public products and service no timely with Shang, incurred has medical difficult, and school difficult, and traffic difficult, and housing difficult, series problem, not only sharply pulled high has residents of career capital, and Dropped by the happiness of the residents, and accumulated a small amount of negative social problems and conflict with the subject, a lot of saturation of the urban population, environment purification, problems such as lack of resources has been very prominent, received new timing of supply and unemployment of the population can have is limited, cannot in the short line meeting career as a small town living and the rural population.

zhongbai group, Chairman of national people's Congress, Beijing Zhao Xianbin, on my actual and unique vision reviewing the directions established at home after village in Xinxiang. He thought in came for decades years of carried out in the, China most city established was are used "assessment pie" of carried out situation, city and city Zhijian missing difference of, their of area features and regional disadvantage have not to cast, thus has necessary put village fell town as the regional of political, and economic and culture central to established and carried out, and where regional of cities achieved function supporting, in traffic, and industrial, and information, and technology, and environmental, and logistics, and new power, all aspects height harmony, sufficient interactive, achieved industry complementary, To prevent the homogenization of competition and repeatedly established, ultimately, central city and satellite city, market town of harmony and harmonious development. Meanwhile, reasonable to lure rural residual population to central city and satellite city, towns in the second and tertiary industries such as non-agricultural industrial transfer, increase agricultural population, hurried into the land of rough, expanded farmer's operating range, progressive consumption effect. Rural urbanization and modernization of agriculture organic joint, complementary harmony.

Zhao Xianbin thinks the current Government at all levels for the rural population of the town supply some essential public services and inputs, but in general far enough, the need to gradually change the current simple, rough, rural and urban household registration system to master, shrinking supply of public goods and public services. In lure village fell population near, and local transfer, for village fell town of match corresponding population range and human resources of while, to put more financial funds into where town of taught, and unemployment, and medical, and pension, and traffic, and power, and water, and local daily career close coherent of livelihood, and civil rights, crux category, and in reasonable of town plans, and innovation and established in the, Shenzhen moved company price for village fell indirect supporting established public service and basic equipment, change village fell of social governance method, and ecological career environment, Building industry, the implementation of several aspects of your service project to improve, farmer did not in the end career move they can enjoy being the city's modernization.

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