Office moving is really very complicated, careful

  in case of fault the corridor formed when families lose. Individual Office is very much in the papers, so make sure before moving Two-Five-reduction obligations. Beyond the retention period or no retention value of the material, while we can out of it. Shenzhen moving company prices are so not only can add carton quantity, can also do file management obligations. (May force the rules item Qty, reducing the carton, progressive effects. ) More goods than items in the Office a lot, especially the statements, documents and other materials, to prevent a move to leave should be made completely in advance planning.

school and home migration is different, whether in planning, reorganization of packing, positioning or moving line, there are considerable differences. If the school range, full removal process can take hundreds of cars, and the smaller but also dozens of cars, so advance planning of complete, it is not to be ignored. Many large Office most focuses on decorative, so decorative into moved school which home good degrees can timely achieved, on moved has serious of effect, came often encountered decorative job cannot by progress achieved, and delay moved date, even in moved day also in worked decorative of State, also Shi has smell; so not only formed moved job effectiveness poor, then added moved costs or caused unilateral displeasure, so monitored decorative engineering can in moved Qian achieved, is Office moved of first priority! To the remaining precautions, here for you to do a little reorganisation, for your reference:

schools should move two weeks ago, the moving company in Shenzhen soon obliged telephone operations group, and prior discussion.? Planners should be acting as moving in 10th plan in the Office configurations, positioning, cabinets, Office furniture, cardboard boxes of materials each school ... Such articles must paste colored cards and indicate the location, name and number on the color card so that timely, complete and correct positioning operation and inventory duties.? Packaging materials should be early inquiries, purchasing, for lack of time can be.? Best in the 10th before active contact School of telecommunications, phone call date, so after moving attack cannot be used, affecting the normal operation of the school.? Sure that hydropower can have water, power.? A week ago, order control of moving goods to move and conveying line.? Food procurement should be collected in advance, lest after the move into the new building, because the environment does not know miss dining.? Moving school price, the day before the cabinet drawer desk, materials must be locked. If you cannot be locked must be fixed with adhesive tape, so that it will not slide to ensure transit safety. In addition, official photos and information desk under glass should advance out of boxing, so lost.

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