Instead of in order to move and move

  whenever I'm bored sitting in front of Beijing's move, boring looking messages, I can't concentrate because the phone will ring constantly, would break my inclination, this phone is coming, I picked up the phone professional says: "Hello!" Guangzhou moving company prices. Do you recruit Porter? I surprised a moment, is that candidate Porter do? But she is a woman, Yes? I took a series of problematic says: "bad mind, Miss Porter we already filled. "The other side looked worried, said:" no, no, I'm not applying for the Porter, I have to use the Porter. "I laughed," Oh, you want the movers do it? Moving: what? "" Yes, Yes, I had an container, want you to help unload cargo. "" To unload what goods? "" Is the kind of 40-by-40 cardboard boxes, there are 14,000 to be removed from the truck can.

you come now, I'm in a hurry. "" Well, your name, address and telephone number we send someone over right away. "" My family name is song, big Science Park industrial area, xili, see container trucks is out. Because time of causes, Beijing moved enterprise no first see site, on followed song Miss of requests immediately sent has 10 a workers catch has came, to that a see, that container car has three, each Taiwan 21 meters long, 3.1-meter wide, this batch goods is from Shenzhen sent came of, paper box is unlikely to also not heavy, once can took three a, car does stopped in house door into not to, Beijing moved enterprise workers by to do of is put container car Shang of paper box remove to moved to house inside to, two has 200 meters far, to of time not know is how a status, With only a few small trailers, the goods moved down from the truck, and then go to Beijing to move on Enterprise car, House, moved down from the car, which is very hard and time, add to the handling a bit difficult. If there is a dumper truck was the best, because the paper in the box of baby diaper is wet, not afraid of falling, only indirectly from the container on the truck bed dump truck, dump truck go to a House indirectly you can back up.

This frugal manual handling time, but Guangzhou moving company phone there is no such car, to rent, so consult with the song today to rent a machine to move again, these workers can move as much as moving today. Song was in favour, workers lifted 10 points, moved to seven o'clock in the evening, only moving a car, 21 m long cars, Beijing to move moving enterprises today have to inherit, and also to take a dump truck.

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