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  "China jialing has actually done a swap, for example offer 4.84 million shares of China Everbright Bank shares, coherent asset sold building, which were paving the way for the China jialing whole moving. "Chongqing brokerage persons hands. These people think that moving company prices China jialing, Guangzhou new plant establish new consumption line to billions of Yuan, China jialing's own money is not tight, this may be in connection with the recent deal with major business assets unrelated to the cause. Market participants think that, once the benchmark of motorcycle enterprises, China jialing current ZONGSHEN motorcycle category has been out in private enterprise groups, lifan group, some tips for main and middle-level cadres have also been heavily poached by private enterprise mentioned above, have ceased to glory in the future, "technique innovation and industry has already jumped through." According to foreign media reports, China jialing's relocation project planning nearly 2.6 billion yuan of investment in order to implement the technique innovation and industrial promotion, planning the establishment of 5 motorbikes into cars consume line and 5 engine consumption line. At that time, will produce 1.5 million units of motorcycle engines 2 million units.

people had speculated that project put into operation, marketing spending will reach more than 8 billion yuan and taxes more than 400 million Yuan. But this is reflected on the secondary market. December 5, 7. 24 getting started, China jialing took a modest rally 8 trading days fell 18. 50%, December 17 at 8. 58 Yuan รท units. Reporter the morning of December 16 called China jialing high-rise proof, but "no inconvenience leaked" declined an interview. However, the Chongqing securities, a move for China jialing is "nature" time because China jialing is expected to use the whole move, completed its own industrial advance. Move speed increase on December 15, 2006, China jialing's Board considered by < for the acquisition of land motion >. According to the Bill, the company plans to invest 100 million yuan in the wellhead, shapingba district, Chongqing City Industrial Park bought an 854 acres, for new build and skills innovation. It also marks the beginning China jialing whole moving tasks to start.

China jialing has explained the cause of relocation within the wellhead purchased: request of Chongqing's urban planning on the one hand, on the other hand can be consumed after conflicts with the needs of the company, adding logistics optimization and capital, can also complete the product structure by skills, innovation and skills update one-sided advance replacement. China jialing industrial park, before June 30 to receive the well 854 acres of land acquisition 1. 300 million Yuan, now head China jialing industrial park is still in the new field size in the removal and placement, make up for the late preparation tasks, Jia Peng, and subsidiary of China jialing Chongqing jialing industrial limited was officially settled in the industrial park at the wellhead in September last year. Extinction is the stone, but shareholders can pass the motion, there is suspense.

"moving company phone Secretary of the Board informed the newspaper in Guangzhou, the factory moved the biggest issue was how to deal with the buildings on the land, which hit a loss of assets. When moving to the China jialing form loss is too large, will allow the shareholders still in feeling. Way of saying China jialing Group had leaked out, last week, China jialing has been in contact with Chongqing yufu, Chongqing shapingba shuangbei original area proposed to be--a total of 234 acres of land assigned to the Chongqing yufu, which cost more than 500 million Yuan.

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