We worked hard for a living in this city movers

  group in our city the hard business of moving workers from his meagre salary "squeeze" out a local, generous support will have to be sponsored by the people. The morning of December 9 in Conference Room Wuxi tangnan moving company moving company prices in Shenzhen performed a touching sight: just received this month's salaries over more than 10 Porter, spontaneously Meng Shuai donation for children with leukemia. Within just 20 minutes, they raised more than 700 Yuan love donation. Porter said Yang Houping launch contributions, the money has entrusted the relevant departments, to Suzhou children's Hospital Children's hospital bed as soon as possible.

Lao Meng who lives in three villages guangrui, 2001 from Henan Fuyang Tin work. Not long ago, Sun Meng Shuai suddenly develop leukemia, originally not strapped Lao Meng a worse. The night before, and Meng Shuai familiar Porter Yang Houping saw a coherent report on TV, the middle-aged man could no longer sit from dazhou, to fight in a foreign land for more than 10 years he Meng Shuai suffered a feeling: "all migrant, encountered such a big event, must have been difficult. "Sure you want to do a force sponsored Meng Shuai tide! Lao Yang was thinking to myself.

on December 9, Yang worked out. As usual, after you move a House, workers sat in the car-top sweat chat, specifically talked about Meng Lao Yang handsome thing. Unexpectedly, the divergent responses to work: "we would also like to donate some money, help the less fortunate children! "December 9 coincides with the Tang of South Shenzhen moving company phone payday, over more than 10 normally strapped Porter made a humble donation box, you had to cast 100 me 50 out ... ... Yang Houping out wages from more than 2000 Yuan donated 100 Yuan Meng handsome doctor, workers said: "we are sponsoring others, maybe next time we run into difficulties, and someone will help us! ”

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