Moving company moving in the course of formation of consumer injury

  Guangzhou moving company prices moved in the course of formation of consumer injury from a legal point of view her when compensation obligations. General principles of the civil law rule 106th "because mistakes hurt the country's nationals, legal persons, individual wealth, hurting others, personal wealth shall assume civil obligations", 107th rule "undermining the country, individual wealth the wealth of others, shall be restored to discount compensation. Beneficiary and suffered other serious loss, hurt people and should cover the loss. " Meanwhile, the Supreme Court to fulfil < civil > number of issues article 58th of the rules: "If a legal representative and the rest of staff, in the name of legal persons engaged in operating sports, give him a natural economic loss, legal person shall assume civil obligations. "Thus the loss of its staff form, should be covered by the moving company.

Secondly, when lost in the CC defined, individual practice of damaged goods value after deducting the depreciation in consultation unilaterally, there are other serious loss, supply the appropriate evidence, after further recognized by the unilateral solution, if it is not recognized and cannot be mediation, the unilateral way dealing with disputes through litigation of individual initiatives.

last, elimination Board will tips consumption who, choices Guangzhou moved company phone Qian, to understanding other of qualification obliging up State (can Shang West credit network questioning), do not gullible street side "small Flyer" promote, also not gullible operation who of "story", operation who of action promised to let its formed written contract terms, unilateral signed sealed retained, for activist of needed.

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