Survive the bitterness of who knows

  but just over two days, air conditioning failure: unable to refrigeration. Shenzhen capacitor destroyed by moving company prices staff overhaul needs for parts and to pay 150 Yuan for a fee. But changing the capacitor after the air conditioning still not cooling, maintenance personnel, also known as air conditioning contract broke, need to change and to pay 1000 Yuan initiative she paid to both the old-for-new buy a new air conditioner. Ms Wei devastation of Fang Chengxin move the machine thought it was air conditioning, then request merchant refunds.

she requests, jewelers said transfer machines and maintenance staff are not employees of the company, declined to assume responsibility for this dispute has delayed for nearly two years. In desperation, she complained to the business sector. Juye County, heze city, consumer associations and consumer associations combined running, visit, when she requested household moving services, moving and maintenance personnel is the moving company Tel: Ms Wei in Shenzhen, their are consequences of action, should be covered by the company.

under the Association's good mediation, finally signed the agreement in a single book: appliance company as a free to air conditioning repair, air conditioning in and ensure normal use within one year; the return of consumers to pay moving fees, capacitor parts fee calculation 300 yuan, one-off cover delays, communication, 1000 Yuan. At this point, the perfect mediation of complaints she ended. Recently, Juye consumer she would be banners, grateful letter to city industrial and commercial Bureau, consumer associations, consumer associations and Juye, repeatedly gestured to be grateful.

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