Move some time planning to catch up with changes

  Auntie Chan Renmin road, planning to move to Shenzhen beforehand with "Fu" removal company about when she and his wife busy two days, very easily finished packing. 5 Porter left home, said after reading the stuff too much, a car loaded down. Moving company prices some of her accident in Guangzhou, although the size of parcels, bed, couch, bulky goods are not moving, how to fit it?

she invited 5 people move and how many how many to hold again. After 5 people mumbled something to each other, went down the stairs. Chen Boyle novel, next, truck was gone! Home up the Hill, moving company to take, Chen aunt silly at the time. After she called the newspaper, in the presence of reporters, contacted the "Xin Lian Xin" relocation companies. More than 2 o'clock in the afternoon. The company two porters, and after reading that stuff much, going to find secondary. However, both are gone. Until yesterday morning, "God bless you" moving company sent someone, similar sized trucks, moved out of a car.

"Fu" relocation Shaw disciple and "Xin Xin" said disciple Wei Chen, aunt stuff is too trivial, two homes in Shenzhen and Shenzhen have no lift, a four-building, an eight-floor, Porter ordinary does not prefer to live. To that end, they had their criticism to take porters. Relocation companies say, Porter is very bitter, should have the power to carry it up the refrigerator, wardrobe and carefully to avoid bruising damaged goods, a little "professional" but spending is not high, so few people would rather a long time to do the work. Yihou, relocation company hundreds of Shenzhen, most only ten or twenty, three or four cars, is the lack of Association of professional discipline and counselling.

in recent years, Shenzhen large amount of demolition and relocation business is surprising good. Porter took the piece rate, met and totally trivial, no elevator floors and tall customer, would rather take a go at once to do other business. Therefore, relocated to Guangzhou moving company and telephone communication in advance, and Pack rare attention should not to be too trivial, rare high floor, no lift, and as appropriate to the inconvenience of the porters.

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